The 7 Best Smart Sprinkler Systems of 2023

Tired of wasting water and having brown spots on your lawn? Upgrade to a smart sprinkler controller! These intelligent systems connect to WiFi and automatically adjust watering schedules based on real-time weather.

Smart sprinkler controllers save water while keeping your landscape lush and healthy. They prevent overwatering when it's cool and wet, and increase watering when it's hot and dry. Studies show smart systems reduce water usage by 20-50% versus traditional timers.

smart sprinkler
Smart Sprinkler Controller

Many excellent smart sprinkler options exist. But based on expert testing and reviews, these seven continually rise to the top.

1. Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller

The Rachio 3 earns rave reviews as the best overall smart sprinkler controller. It pulls in hyperlocal weather data and analyzes your yard's specific needs. Easy to install and set up, Rachio 3 allows complete remote control via its excellent mobile app. For intelligent optimization and robust features, Rachio 3 is unmatched.

Key Features:

  • Optimizes watering based on real-time hyperlocal weather
  • Learns your landscape's characteristics
  • User-friendly app for remote monitoring and adjustments
  • Easy do-it-yourself installation

2. Orbit B-Hyve Smart Irrigation Controller

The Orbit B-Hyve is the most affordable smart sprinkler controller available. Despite the lower price, it still offers solid performance. B-Hyve connects via WiFi to access weather data for auto-scheduling. The intuitive B-Hyve app enables making changes on the go.

Key Features:

  • Budget-friendly smart controller
  • Automated scheduling based on weather forecasts
  • Slim, low-profile design
  • Remote access and control through app

3. Netro Sprite Smart Sprinkler Controller

The Netro Sprite uses advanced algorithms to create precision watering schedules. It's extremely easy to install and manage watering via its highly functional app. For efficient smart irrigation, Netro Sprite is highly recommended.

Key Features:

  • Proprietary algorithms optimize watering efficiency
  • Simple do-it-yourself installation
  • Full control through mobile app
  • Manually start or stop watering remotely

4. Rain Bird ST8I-WIFI Smart Irrigation Timer

The ST8I-WIFI connects via WiFi to obtain local weather data for intelligent scheduling adjustments. Control is provided through the straightforward Rain Bird app. It's praised for water savings, efficiency, and ease of use.

Key Features:

  • Uses real-time weather reports to adjust watering
  • Quick 20-minute installation
  • Control through user-friendly app
  • WiFi connectivity

5. Orbit B-Hyve 57950 Smart Sprinkler System Timer

The Orbit B-Hyve 57950 has a traditional design suited for outdoor installation but incorporates smart WiFi and web connectivity. This makes advanced scheduling easy and accessible.

Key Features:

  • Traditional design with smart controls
  • Internet and wireless enabled
  • Simple to set up and program
  • Rugged, weatherproof construction

6. Rachio 16 Zone 3rd Generation Smart Controller

Rachio's 16-zone 3rd Generation controller leverages robust weather analytics for ultra-efficient irrigation of large, multi-zone landscapes. It's an excellent option for serious water conservation.

Key Features:

  • Leverages hyperlocal weather data
  • Controls up to 16 zones
  • Streamlined installation
  • Remote management via app

7. Orbit B-Hyve XR Smart Sprinkler Controller

The B-Hyve XR analyzes hyperlocal real-time conditions across your entire yard to determine watering needs by zone. It provides simplified smart control for multi-zone systems.

Key Features:

  • Auto scheduling based on real-time hyperlocal weather
  • Controls up to 6 zones
  • Easy tool-free installation
  • Operates through intuitive app

Our Recommendation

If we had to choose one smart sprinkler system that rises above the rest, we recommend the Rachio 3. It consistently earns top reviews for its intelligent water optimization, robust feature set, and user-friendly mobile app control. For most homeowners, the Rachio 3 offers the ideal blend of smart automation, customization, and ease of use. Its hyperlocal weather adjustment technology saves water while keeping landscapes green and healthy. For the best overall smart sprinkler controller, look no further than the Rachio 3 (even though it's not the cheapest option!).

When choosing your smart sprinkler controller, consider your landscape size, zoning needs, and budget. Any of these seven intelligent systems will help conserve water while keeping your yard thriving. Visit your local hardware store or purchase online to upgrade your irrigation today!

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