Must-Have Tech Tools for Project Management Consultants

For project management consultants, having the right tech tools is essential for delivering high-value services in today's digital business environment. With business interactions and workstreams increasingly occurring online, consultants must equip themselves with the proper tech stack that allows them to enhance workflow efficiency, facilitate collaboration, derive data-driven insights, and enable seamless communication.

The right digital toolkit enables consultants to streamline processes, maximize productivity, and provide the capabilities today's clients expect in our technology-driven business landscape.

This guide serves as a pillar reference for examining the core tech categories crucial for consultancy success in our digital world. For each solution area, we will highlight the must-have technology tools and how they empower consultants to navigate the landscape.

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Pick The Right Tool

Communication Tools

Smooth communication is a keystone of successful project execution and management. Consultants must implement software allowing for clear and rapid messaging, document sharing, and team coordination across time zones.


Slack stands as a premier platform for consultants to directly engage with client teams. The intuitive interface allows users to create multiple channels segmented by project, topic, or workstream. Robust search and threading features enable teams to efficiently locate past conversations and documents. Slack also integrates with various apps for enhanced functionality.

Microsoft Teams

For consultants working within a Microsoft ecosystem, Teams constitutes an optimal solution. Like Slack, it facilitates group messaging in channels but also provides video/voice conferencing and seamless integration with other Microsoft apps like SharePoint, OneDrive, Outlook, and the Office Suite. Teams enables centralized access to conversations, files, meetings, and more.


While not a direct communication tool, Asana allows for efficient task and project management across teams. Consultants can create boards to track project progress, assign tasks with due dates, set task dependencies, and gain a high-level view of workstreams. The platform improves team coordination and transparency.

Productivity Suite

Optimizing individual and team productivity represents a key deliverable that consultants provide clients. The right software can greatly enhance efficiency.

Microsoft 365

From Word to Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, Microsoft 365 provides consultants with the core productivity tools needed for deliverables and communications. Seamless cloud syncing enables accessibility across devices. Robust analytics in Excel and Power BI enable insightful data reporting.

Google Workspace

Similarly, Google Workspace supplies consultants with shared documents, sheets, slides, cloud storage, and email to enable seamless collaboration. Platforms like Google Calendar facilitate project scheduling and integrated task management.

Adobe Creative Cloud

For design-focused consultants, Adobe CC offers essential tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat to create polished visual assets. Built-in collaboration features streamline working with remote teams.

Project Management

Consultants must implement robust project management systems to execute mandates effectively. Solutions should facilitate planning, task organization, and progress dashboards.


Jira, a premier platform, provides customizable Kanban boards for agile task management. Extensive integrations allow syncing with other collaboration and development tools. Jira enables consultants to plan sprints, track issues, visualize workflow, and more.

Monday is an intuitive system that models the consultant's methodology with customizable boards, columns, views, automation, and reports. File integration with Drive or Dropbox provides a centralized hub for project management.


Asana allows consultants to manage projects down to granular task levels. Tools like timelines, milestones, and workload management promote the organization. Portfolio views give high-level progress visibility.

Data Analytics

Today's data-driven business environment requires consultants to base recommendations on analytical insights. Reporting tools enable deriving intelligence from client data.

Power BI

A leader in business intelligence, Power BI's robust visualization and dashboard creation capabilities allow consultants to build interactive reports. Data from multiple sources can be modeled using custom metrics. Access controls facilitate sharing.


This end-to-end solution generates powerful interactive data visualizations from disparate sources. Tableau enables consultants to quickly derive trends and insights to anchor strategic recommendations. Custom dashboards can be securely distributed to clients.


Looker improves efficiency by integrating data modeling directly into its reporting functionality. Looker gives consultants a unified analytics platform that delivers the data-driven insights stakeholders need.

Security & Compliance

For consultants managing sensitive client data, implementing solutions to ensure security and compliance represents a top priority.

Microsoft 365

Enterprise-grade user authentication with single sign-on and multifactor authentication helps secure access. Encryption of data in transit and at rest protects confidentiality. Built-in eDiscovery facilitates compliance.

Google Workspace

Similarly, Google offers advanced security features like contextual access controls, data encryption, and malware protection. Ongoing audits help ensure compliance with standards like ISO 27001, SOC 2, and more.


For enhanced protection, Boxcryptor integrates with cloud storage platforms to provide end-to-end encryption and access control management. Fine-tuned permissions keep sensitive client data secured.

The Complete Digital Toolkit

By establishing a strong digital toolkit using solutions across these key technology categories, consultants can deliver optimized, high-value services tailored to today's digital landscape.

This guide represents the first pillar in detailing the essential tech tools modern consultants require. The upcoming content will take a deeper dive into each solution area, providing specific recommendations and best practices for leveraging these digital resources.

With the right technology stack, consultants can unlock enhanced efficiency, insights, and client service to thrive in the digital age.

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