Unleash Your Smart Home: 9 Mashup Ideas for Ultimate Home Automation

Tired of piecemeal smart home upgrades? The hottest trend right now is mashing up multiple smart gadgets and systems into Voltron-like mega-automation that takes your connected living to the next level.

By blending, chaining, and syncing standalone smart products, you can create the ultimate functional living space tailored to your unique needs. Read on for 9 electrifying smart home mashup ideas to spark your next level home automation project!

The Carpet Cleaning Powerhouse: Robot Vacuum + Mop

Robot vacuums are so 2010. Today it's all about vacuum and mop combos that give you impeccable floors with zero effort. Some powerful pairings to try:

Roborock S7 + Auto-Empty Dock - The S7's sonic mopping and laser mapping, paired with auto-emptying, gives you weeks of sparkling floors.

ECOVACS Deebot OZMO Pro Mopping System - OZMO Pro switches seamlessly between vacuuming and targeted mopping for cleanliness overdrive.

Shark AV911S EZ Robot Vacuum + Mop - Budget bot with solid vacuuming and simple water mop attachment.

Follow these steps to mash up your robot floor cleaners for maximum automation:

  1. Select your base robovac model based on navigation method and overall reviews. Earlier this year, we have tested the iRobot Braava Jet m6, you can read our review post here.
  2. Choose a compatible mopping add-on designed for your model. Attach and configure per instructions.
  3. Set schedules in your robot's app to vacuum then mop automatically.
  4. For bonus points, add an auto-empty dock so you truly don't have to think about floors for months!

Climate Control Perfection: Smart Vents + AC + Humidifier/Dehumidifier

Tired of some rooms being hotter or colder than others? Mashup smart vents with your HVAC and humidifier/dehumidifier to achieve climate perfection.

Flair Smart Vents - Redirect airflow room-by-room from your phone for custom temp and humidity.

Tado Smart AC Control - App control and automation for your existing A/C unit's power and temperature.

Honeywell Home Dehumidifier - WiFi-enabled humidifiers and dehumidifiers to dial in moisture levels.

To orchestrate home climate nirvana:

  1. Install smart vents in problem rooms to balance temperatures.
  2. Connect your AC unit to a smart controller like Tado for zoning control.
  3. Set up a smart humidifier/dehumidifier to auto-adjust room moisture levels.
  4. Sync everything together! Create scenes like "Movie Night" that sets the perfect chill environment.

Next Generation Surveillance: Smart Camera + Drone

Take your home monitoring to new dimensions. Autonomous indoor drones paired with smart cams create a powerful eyewitness to any room.

DJI Avata Indoor Drone - Nimble flier with 4K and motion tracking. Syncs with DJI goggles for immersive FPviews.

Ring Cameras - Plug-in cams with motion alerts, two-way audio, night vision.

Skydio 2 - Self-flying cam that dodges obstacles and tracks subjects.

Monitoring by air and land is simple:

  1. Position smart cams for wide coverage of entry points.
  2. Let your drone launch on demand or patrol when you're away.
  3. View live feeds from both cameras on your phone and record incidents.
  4. Never miss a thing at home when your eyes are in the skies!

Ultimate Pet Tech: Auto Feeder + Camera + Door

Make your pets feel like kings with a mashup of smart gadgets catering to their every need.

smart pet feeder with camera

Petlibro Smart Pet Feeder

Petlibro Smart Pet Feeder - Portions meals on schedule and integrates with cameras.

Furbo Dog Cam - Streams video and dispenses treats to dogs.

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door - Only unlocks for your pet's unique ID.

Give your furry friends the royal treatment with this sequence:

  1. Set up an auto-feeder to portion meals on a routine.
  2. Install pet cam to watch them eat and fling treats.
  3. Add a smart door to give them backyard access while keeping strays out.
  4. Integrate your pet tech with home security cams for complete monitoring.

It's a smart home fit for a pampered king or queen! Just don't let them take over completely.

Backyard Oasis: Smart Sprinkler + Lights + Music

Transform your outdoor space into a relaxation destination by mashing up mood lighting, audio, and automated watering.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler - Custom schedules, weather intelligence, leak detection.

Philips Hue Outdoor - Smart bulbs and strips to bathe yards in any color.

Sonos Outdoor Speakers - Wireless audio synced throughout patio and lawn.

Here's the game plan for crafting your perfect outdoor oasis:

  1. Install a smart sprinkler system with customizable schedules and weather logic.
  2. Border gardens and fences with Hue lights for soft ambient lighting.
  3. Place Sonos speakers in shady and dry areas of the yard.
  4. Control everything from Sonos app and sync for dreamy backyard bliss.

Next-Gen Gamespace: Voice Control + RGB Lighting + Smart Blinds

Trick out your game room with smart gadgets that sync up immersion and style for the ultimate gameplay.

Philips Hue Play Bars - Modular bias lighting matching on-screen colors.

Amazon Echo - Voice commands for distraction-free control.

Serena Shades - Automated blinds to cut glare but let in natural light.

Power up your gamespace with:

  1. Back TV and monitors with Hue Play Bars for reactive ambiance.
  2. Place Echo devices around the room for voice control of your gear.
  3. Install smart blinds to block glare but allow natural lighting.
  4. Create routines like "Gaming Mode" that transforms the environment for playtime.

Ultra-Seamless Streaming: Nvidia Shield TV + Harmony Hub + Smart Lights

Cut cords for good! This mashup gives you hands-free voice control of all your A/V gear and intelligent home theater lighting too.

Nvidia Shield TV - Android streaming box with Google Assistant and smart home integrations.

Logitech Harmony Hub - Unifies entertainment devices into activities and scenes.

LIFX Color Bulbs - App and voice-controlled theater lighting.

Simplify your home cinema with:

  1. Consolidate streaming, smart TVs, consoles into the Shield TV.
  2. Connect Harmony Hub for unified activity-based control.
  3. Swap bulbs for LIFX to dynamically match colors to screen.
  4. Just say "Hey Google, start movie night" to power up the perfect viewing environment.

Perimeter Protection: Smart Locks + Outdoor Cams + Automatic Doorbells

Fortify your home's outer defenses with internet-connected door and motion sensors.

August Smart Locks - Monitor activity and auto-lock doors.

Wyze Outdoor Cam - Low cost cameras to watch yards, doors and driveways.

Skybell Video Doorbells- See and speak with visitors from anywhere.

Secure the perimeter in 3 simple steps:

  1. Install smart locks on exterior doors to monitor access.
  2. Position outdoor cams facing all entry points and high traffic areas.
  3. Swap existing doorbells for video-enabled models to screen visitors.
  4. Unify everything in one app dashboard for instant awareness of home activity.

Automated Cleaning Crew: Robot Mop + UV Disinfecting Robot + Air Purifier

Sanitize your entire home without lifting a finger by chaining together a robotic cleaning crew targeting floors, surfaces, and air.

iRobot Braava Jet M6- Mops hard floors automatically.

Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro- UV-C light robot sterilizes surfaces.

Coway Airmega Air Purifier- Polices microbes in the air.

Program the ultimate automated bio defense team:

  1. Set the robot mop on a routine to keep floors microbe-free.
  2. Schedule the UV robot to sterilize countertops, tables, and other surfaces.
  3. Place air purifiers in rooms to continuously filter airborne particles.
  4. Monitor sensors and coordinate as needed for full home disinfection.

Stay confident your home is contamination free with this high-tech hazmat team patrolling day and night!

The possibilities are endless when you start fusing standalone smart products into automated collectives tailor-made for your unique needs. Don't just piecemeal upgrade appliances - build a smart home mosaic that's far more than the sum of its parts! With a bit of creativity, the ultimate functional living environment is at your fingertips.

For more insights, review our blog post about tips for setting up your smart home system.

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