Sengled Smart Bulb Reset – Your Complete Guide

Having connectivity or setup issues with your Sengled smart bulbs? This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about Sengled smart bulb reset techniques. We'll cover the different reset methods, what happens during a reset, when to reset, and step-by-step instructions to follow to get your Sengled smart bulbs working again.

Be sure to follow the steps properly to reset your Sengled smart bulbs and rediscover them afterward. With a proper reset, you'll have your Sengled smart lighting system up and running like new.

Resetting Sengled smart bulbs to factory settings often helps resolve problems.

Key Takeaways:

  • Resetting Sengled bulbs clears out any connectivity issues and resets settings to default.
  • There are two main reset methods - using the Sengled app or your smart bulb's manual reset button.
  • Reset times can take 5–20 seconds, depending on the reset method. Bulbs will blink when the reset is complete.
  • Resetting bulbs requires them to be rediscovered by your smart home hub/app before reconnecting.
  • Resetting bulbs causes the loss of any customized settings, automation, or rooms. These will need to be reconfigured.
  • Trying a reset is a useful troubleshooting step before seeking Sengled customer support.
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Sengled smart bulb works with Alexa & Google Assistant

Resetting Sengled Bulbs Using the App

The easiest way to reset your Sengled smart bulbs is through the Sengled Home app:

  1. Open the Sengled Home app on your smartphone.
  2. Tap on the bulb you want to reset to open its settings.
  3. Scroll down and tap "Reset".
  4. Confirm that you want to reset the bulb when prompted.

Once reset, the bulb will blink to confirm that the reset is complete. This usually takes 5–10 seconds.

The bulb will no longer be connected to your Sengled Home account after a reset. You'll need to rediscover it in the app using the Add Device flow before you can control it again.

Resetting through the app is quick and convenient if you just need to reset one or two bulbs. However, if resetting a large number of bulbs, using the manual reset button may be faster.

graph LR A[Open Sengled Home App] --> B[Tap Bulb to Open Settings] B --> C[Tap Reset Button] C --> D[Confirm Reset] D --> E[Bulb Blinks to Confirm Reset] E --> F[Rediscover Bulb in App]

Resetting Sengled Bulbs Using the Manual Reset Button

All Sengled smart bulbs have a small manual reset button on the base. Here are the steps to reset using the manual button:

  1. Turn the smart bulb off and wait 10–15 seconds.
  2. Locate the tiny reset button on the base of the bulb. It will be labeled "RST" or "Reset".
  3. Press and hold the reset button for 10–15 seconds.
  4. The bulb will start blinking rapidly to indicate a successful reset.
  5. Release the reset button once the blinking starts.

The manual reset takes slightly longer than using the app, usually 15-20 seconds. Like when resetting through the app, you'll need to rediscover the bulb in your Sengled Home app to reconnect it.

The benefit of using the manual reset button is that you can quickly reset multiple Sengled bulbs without needing your phone. Just turn them off, hold the reset button on each to initiate a reset, and they'll all be ready to set up again once rediscovered in your app.

graph LR A[Turn Off Bulb and Wait 10-15 Seconds] --> B[Press and Hold Reset Button 10-15 Seconds] B --> C[Bulb Starts Blinking Rapidly] C --> D[Release Reset Button] D --> E[Rediscover Bulb in App]

Sengled Smart Bulb Reset - This Is What's Happening:

Resetting your Sengled smart bulbs clears all app connectivity and returns bulbs to a fresh "out of the box" state. Here are the key things that happen when bulbs are reset:

  • Removed from Sengled Home App - Bulbs get disconnected and removed from your Sengled app. You'll need to rediscover them after resetting.
  • WiFi Settings Cleared - Any WiFi network credentials get cleared from the bulb's memory.
  • Automations Disabled - Any setup automation rules get erased. These will need to be recreated.
  • Rooms Unassigned - Bulbs get removed from any room groupings. You'll have to re-add them to rooms.
  • Schedules Reset - Any scheduled on/off times get wiped and will need reprogramming.
  • Customized Settings Removed - Changes to brightness, color, and warmth settings get reverted to default.
  • Firmware Unchanged - The firmware version on Sengled bulbs remains unchanged after a reset.

Resetting is not a firmware downgrade or upgrade. It simply clears settings and returns the bulb to its initial state while keeping the current firmware.

When To Reset Sengled Smart Bulbs?

Some common situations where resetting Sengled bulbs can help resolve issues are:

  • New Router or WiFi Settings - After getting a new router, reset the bulbs to clear the old WiFi credentials and connect to the new network.
  • Connectivity Problems - Frequent disconnects, and unresponsiveness indicate a reset is needed.
  • Performing a Firmware Update - Sometimes a reset is required before firmware updates will apply successfully.
  • Strange Behavior - Weird colors, flickering, or other glitches can be fixed with a reset.
  • Removing and Reinstalling Bulbs - Always reset bulbs when removing and reinstalling them in new locations.

Resetting bulbs essentially lets you start over with a clean slate if things get messed up. It's always worth trying before seeking support or replacing bulbs.

Step-by-Step Guide: Resetting and Reconnecting Sengled Bulbs

Here is a full step-by-step walkthrough for resetting your Sengled bulbs and getting them reconnected to your smart home:

Reset Bulbs

First, reset your bulbs using either the app or the manual reset button method. All bulbs will blink to confirm when the reset is finished.

Open Sengled Home App

If it is not already open, launch the Sengled Home app on your phone. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled so bulbs can be discovered.

Tap “Add Device”

Tap the "Add Device" button visible on the main app screen. This will initiate Sengled's Smart Setup mode.

Select Bulb Type

You will be prompted to select the type of bulb you want to add. Choose the appropriate bulb type that matches the bulbs you reset.

Wait For Bulbs to be Discovered

The app will search for nearby Sengled bulbs in reset mode and display any it finds. You may need to wait up to 60 seconds for bulbs to be discovered.

Select Bulbs to Add

Once discovered, tap on each bulb you want to reconnect to select it. Selected bulbs will have a checkmark.

Connect Bulbs to WiFi

Follow the on-screen instructions to connect the bulbs to your 2.4 GHz WiFi network. Each bulb will connect one at a time.

Name and Assign Rooms

Once the WiFi setup is complete, you can name your bulbs and assign them to rooms in the Sengled Home app. They are now reset and ready for normal use!

Resetting Sengled bulbs is quick and easy by following the steps above. Just remember to be patient during the discovery and WiFi connection processes, as this can take several minutes for multiple bulbs. With the bulbs reset, you'll be ready to enjoy Sengled's smart lighting experience again.

Frequently Asked Questions About Your Sengled Smart Bulb Reset Process

Does resetting bulbs delete them from my Sengled account?

Yes, resetting bulbs removes them from your Sengled Home app device list. Once reset, you'll have to rediscover the bulbs and go through the setup process again. Your Sengled account will remain unchanged.

Do bulbs lose their firmware version when reset?

No, resetting bulbs does not downgrade or upgrade their firmware. It only clears settings stored on the bulb. The firmware version will remain the same after resetting.

How can I tell if a reset worked?

Once reset, the bulb will blink rapidly to confirm success. In the Sengled Home app, the bulb will no longer be visible in your device list. Trying to turn it on manually should not work.

Is there any risk of resetting bulbs?

Resetting bulbs is a safe operation that carries minimal risk. On rare occasions, a bulb may no longer be discoverable if a reset is interrupted. But typically, the process is trouble-free.

Can I reset just one bulb in a group?

Yes, you can reset individual bulbs in a group without affecting other bulbs. The reset bulb will simply need to be re-added to any groups after the reset.

How do I factory reset my Sengled light switch or hub?

Light switches and hubs also have reset buttons. Press and hold the reset button on these devices for 10–15 seconds until it blinks to reset. Reconfigure the app afterward.

Why am I getting a device not supported error when trying to reset?

This normally occurs when trying to reset bulbs that have already been added to the app. Remove the bulb from your device list before performing a reset.

My bulb won’t connect after being reset; what should I do?

If bulbs have trouble connecting after a reset, power cycle the bulb and router and move them closer together during setup. If issues persist, contact Sengled support.

In Summary

  • Resetting Sengled smart bulbs is accessible through the app or manual reset button.
  • Bulbs must be rediscovered and WiFi reconfigured after a reset.
  • Resetting can resolve many connectivity and performance issues.
  • Always reset the bulbs when they are reinstalled in new locations.
  • Take the time to properly reset and reconnect Sengled bulbs to maximize reliability.

Hopefully, this guide provides everything you need to successfully reset your problematic Sengled smart bulbs and get them working like new again! Let us know if you have any other reset tips or questions.

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