The Future of Smart Home Security is Here: Qolsys PowerG Panels with Verizon

Home security has come a long way in the last decade. What was once a complex system of wires, sensors, and control panels is now an integrated smart home platform that offers robust monitoring and automation capabilities. At the forefront of this new wave of smart security is the Qolsys PowerG Support Panel, paired with Verizon's LTE network for reliable alarm communications. In this article, we'll look at what makes this security bundle the ideal smart home centerpiece.

QOLSYS PowerG Support Panel

The Qolsys PowerG Support Panel Advantage

As one of the leading security system manufacturers today, Qolsys has made a name for itself by packing its alarm panels with premium features and technology. Case in point: the Qolsys PowerG support panel. Built on the ultra-secure PowerG network protocol, it provides a wide array of benefits:

  • Mesh Networking - PowerG devices create a mesh network that self-heals and ensures smooth communication between sensors, keypads and the panel. No more worrying about wireless signal dead spots or interference.
  • Extended Range - PowerG devices have an incredible 2000 feet of wireless range. This allows flexibility in sensor placement without sacrificing reliability.
  • Military-grade Encryption - With 128-bit AES encryption, PowerG ensures hack-proof communications between devices. It's more secure than WiFi and surpasses UL security standards.
  • Sleek Touchscreen - The Qolsys panel features a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen that's intuitive and easy to use. It allows you to arm/disarm the system, control smart home devices, view cameras and more.
  • Smart Home Integration - With Z-Wave and WiFi built-in, Qolsys panels can connect to hundreds of third-party smart devices from locks to lights. Robust automation is seamless with a PowerG system.
  • Video Verification - Qolsys' Image Sensor technology lets you view live feeds from security cameras right on the panel's screen for visual verification of alarms. Some panels also support video analytics.
  • Premium Monitoring - Professional monitoring services from the likes of provide you with 24/7 emergency dispatch, real-time alerts and smart home management.

With this formidable package of features, the Qolsys PowerG panel is miles ahead of traditional wired security systems and even 1990s-era wireless panels. It's a future-proof solution for smart homes.

Verizon’s Cutting-Edge Network

While the brains of a security system sit in the panel itself, its communication backbone is the cellular or IP network that it relies on to connect to the monitoring service and your smartphone apps. That's where Verizon's LTE network comes in.

As the largest wireless carrier in the US, Verizon offers coast-to-coast coverage that's unmatched by competitors. But more importantly, it provides the fastest and most reliable 4G LTE connectivity. Verizon's network combines multiple frequency bands to deliver consistent speeds, low latency, and solid performance even in poor weather when other networks falter.

This makes Verizon the perfect partner for mission-critical security system monitoring. You can rest assured that alarm events and notifications will reach their destination promptly when you need them. Verizon also offers dedicated Private Network solutions foradded signal redundancy and priority access when required.

With average download speeds exceeding 30 Mbps nationally on the latest shared data plans, Verizon LTE easily handles bandwidth-heavy video surveillance streaming and remote system access without hiccups. Simply put, you get the best-in-class wireless performance to back up your state-of-the-art Qolsys security.

The Power Duo for Smart Homes

Together, Qolsys panels and the Verizon LTE network create a 5-star smart home security system that offers:

Reliable intrusion protection - PowerG supports a wide range of wireless detectors from motion sensors to glass break detectors for comprehensive protection. Verizon's connectivity ensures alarm events are transmitted instantly.

Smart home automation - Control Z-wave locks, lights, thermostats, and more right from the Qolsys touchscreen with easy automation scenes and routines.

HD video surveillance - View live feeds from Qolsys Image Sensors and other IP cameras in crisp Full HD quality. Streaming works flawlessly with Verizon's bandwidth.

Total control - Monitor your home remotely via apps and get real-time notifications about security events and automations. Verizon's network enables round-the-clock access.

Emergency response - Get 24/7 professional monitoring with emergency dispatch from your monitoring provider. Verizon connectivity allows the quickest possible alarm response.

Easy expansion - Add more PowerG devices like smoke detectors, water sensors, outdoor cameras etc. with minimal disruption thanks to the robust wireless mesh network.

For the ultimate smart home control center with unparalleled wireless security and seamless integration with third-party smart devices, the combination of Qolsys panel and Verizon cellular connectivity is hard to beat. It's the future of home security, made accessible today.

Key Takeaways

  • Qolsys panels provide a powerful smart security system with encrypted wireless sensors, Z-wave integration, video surveillance, and sleek touchscreen control.
  • Verizon's 4G LTE network offers the fastest speeds and most reliable coast-to-coast coverage for alarm monitoring and video streaming.
  • Together, they enable robust smart home protection with professional monitoring, easy automation and foolproof wireless performance.
  • The Qolsys PowerG system on Verizon's network is the ideal forward-looking security solution for safety-conscious homeowners.

So if you're looking to upgrade your outdated, unreliable home security system, consider making the switch. With a cutting-edge Qolsys panel and a Verizon cellular plan for communication, you can enjoy the next generation of smart home security today. For any further questions, please comment below or you can shoot us a message!

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