Fixing A Sony TV Blinking Red Light 6 Times, Clever Ways to Troubleshoot The Problem

Key Takeaways:

  • The 6 blink red light on Sony TVs indicates an issue with the backlight system. This is usually repairable through troubleshooting.
  • Check connections, cables, power supply voltages, LED strips, driver board, and fuses to isolate the problem. Replace any faulty components.
  • Loose wires, faulty LEDs, bad driver board, blown fuse, or failing power supply can cause the 6-blink error code.
  • With some electrical testing and replacement of parts, the blinking red light problem can often be fixed without an expensive service call.
  • Be careful when working inside the TV to avoid damage. If needed, consult a professional repair service.
  • Following proper troubleshooting steps and preventative maintenance will help avoid the dreaded 6 blinks Sony TV error.

It can be frustrating when your Sony TV starts flashing red blinking light in a pattern of 6 flashes. This usually indicates there is an issue with the backlight system in the TV. However, the good news is that many times this problem can be fixed by yourself without requiring a costly repair or replacement of the TV. In this article, we’ll walk through the steps to troubleshoot and resolve a Sony TV that is blinking red 6 times.

sony tv blinking red light 6 times
Sony 65" TV

What Causes the 6 Blinks Red Light Error?

When a Sony TV blinks the standby light 6 times followed by a pause, it means the TV has detected a problem with the backlight system. The backlight provides the illumination and light needed for the LCD screen. Some of the potential causes include:

  • Faulty backlight LEDs - If the LEDs providing the backlight start to fail, it can cause the blinking red light 6 times pattern. This may indicate the need to replace the LED strip inside the TV.
  • Backlight driver failure - The driver provides power to the backlight LEDs. If it fails, the TV will show the 6 blink error.
  • Loose wire or connection - Sometimes a wire leading to the backlight can come loose, which will trigger the red light 6 blinks.
  • Bad power supply - If the TV is not receiving the correct voltage or the power supply is failing, it can cause issues with the backlight and the blinking pattern.
  • Blown fuse - There may be a fuse that has blown related to the backlight system.
  • Faulty main board - In rare cases, the main board itself may be bad and need replacement.

So in summary, the 6 blinks of the red standby light on your Sony TV indicate a general malfunction in the backlight system. The troubleshooting steps below will help isolate the specific problem.

Troubleshooting Steps for Sony TV Red Light 6 Blinks

Here are the steps I would recommend to troubleshoot and fix a Sony TV blinking red light 6 times in a row:

1. Check for Loose Connections and Cables

The first thing to check is all the connections leading to the TV's backlight components. Make sure the cable connections are fully seated on the power supply board and main board. Check that the backlight cables are not loose or disconnected.

Examine the TV carefully and look for any obviously loose connectors, damaged cables, or wires that may have come unsoldered. Reseat connections and reattach any loose wires.

2. Check Power Supply Voltages

Use a voltmeter to check the power supply output voltages on the connections leading to the backlight. Consult the TV service manual for the correct voltage specifications. If the voltages are incorrect, it often points to a failing power supply that will need to be replaced.

3. Replace Backlight LED Strip

If the voltages check out, the next step is to replace the backlight LED strip inside the TV. Over time, these LEDs can degrade, burn out, or short, causing the blinking 6 times problem.

Carefully disassemble the TV to access the LED strip. Then disconnect the old strip and install the new replacement part. Make sure it is securely connected. Reassemble the TV and check if the blinking issue is now resolved.

4. Try a New Backlight Driver Board

If replacing the LED strip does not solve the issue, the next item to replace would be the backlight driver board. This circuit board controls the power to the LED backlight. When it fails, it can exhibit the blinking red light 6 times.

Order a new backlight driver board and carefully switch it with the old one. Make sure all connectors are fully seated and no screws or mounts are missing. Test the TV to see if replacing this board corrects the backlight error.

5. Check for Blown Fuses

Another simple item to check are any fuses related to the backlight system. Using a fuse tester, check for any blown fuses on the power supply board or driver board. If you find any damaged fuses, replace them with fuses of the same voltage and amperage rating.

Blown fuses are commonly caused by power surges or voltage spikes. So if you had to replace them, consider adding a surge protector to protect the TV.

6. Replace Main Board if Needed

The last resort is to replace the main board which contains critical circuits and the TV’s processor. If you’ve verified power voltages are correct, and replaced the backlight LED strip and driver board, the issue likely points to a faulty main logic board.

Swapping in a known good main board from the same Sony TV model should resolve any remaining blinking red light 6 times issues. Just take care when removing and installing the delicate main board.

It's also important to note that the 6 blink error code can sometimes temporarily resolve itself, only to return again later. So even if the blinking stops after resetting or reseating connections, it's a good idea to still follow through with replacing any worn components. Intermittent issues like loose solder joints can create an unstable backlight circuit, so pursuing a permanent fix is recommended. Don't assume the problem has fully gone away even if the TV begins working normally for a while. Investigating and repairing the root cause will prevent future malfunctions and frustration.

Preventing Sony TV 6 Blinks Red Light in the Future

To help avoid Sony TV backlight issues and error codes in the future, here are some tips:

  • Use a surge protector - Electrical surges are a major cause of TV failures over time. Protect your investment with a good surge suppressor.
  • Keep away from heat vents - Avoid installing the TV near heating/cooling vents or in enclosures to prevent overheating.
  • Clean vents periodically - Use compressed air to clear dust buildup from the ventilation holes on the TV every few months. Blocked air flow causes overheating.
  • Handle with care - Be careful moving and handling your TV to avoid drops, impacts or excessive vibrations which can loosen internal connections.
  • Perform visual inspections - Periodically inspect the back panel for any loose cables, damaged connectors or concerning burn marks which may indicate an issue in the making.

Following these precautions will help your Sony TV last many years and avoid pesky problems like the 6 blink red light. With the troubleshooting tips above, you should be equipped to get your TV's backlight functioning again.

FAQ About Sony TV Blinking Red Light 6 Times

Here are some frequently asked questions about troubleshooting the 6 blinks red light problem on Sony TVs:

What does 6 blinks on a Sony TV mean?

  • The 6 flashing red lights is an error code indicating a problem with the TV's backlight system. This could be an issue with the LEDs, driver board, loose connector, or another component.

Why does my Sony TV keep blinking 6 times?

  • If the TV continues blinking 6 times after attempted repairs, this indicates the underlying problem has not been properly fixed. The issue may be with another backlight component or the main board.

How do I reset my Sony TV after blinking red light?

  • Once the source of the 6 blink error is repaired, unplug the TV power cord for 1 minute to reset. Then plug it back in and power on to confirm normal operation without blinking.

Is the 6-blink error fixable or does the TV need service?

  • In most cases, the 6 red blinks issue is fixable through troubleshooting steps and component replacement as outlined in this article. But if you can't isolate the problem, a professional TV service may be required.

What is the cost to repair a Sony TV blinking 6 times?

  • Repair costs can range from $0 if simply a loose wire, up to $300 or more if the main board requires replacement. Factor in the TV's age and your technical skill when deciding whether to DIY or hire a repair technician.


Blinking red 6 times is a common error code with Sony TVs signaling a backlight issue. With some diligent troubleshooting and component replacements, this problem can often be resolved without an expensive service call.

Review the LED strips, driver board, connections, fuses and power supply voltages to isolate the root cause. Replacing the faulty component should then stop the blinking red light on your TV. Just be careful when working inside your TV to avoid any further damage.

Following the tips above, you should be able to get your malfunctioning Sony television up and running again after the 6 blinks of death. Let us know in the comments if the troubleshooting steps successfully fixed your TV! For any further questions, please comment below or send us a message, we will be glad to assist!

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