Why Is My Shark Steam Mop Not Producing Steam? 9 Fixes to Try Today

A Shark steam mop is designed to sanitize and clean sealed hard floors using the power of steam. When you notice your steam mop is no longer producing steam, it can be incredibly frustrating and leave your floors dirty.

The good news is, most of the time, it's an easy fix—no need to run out and buy a new steam mop! In this guide, I'll walk through 9 troubleshooting tips to get your Shark steam mop steaming again.

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1. Fill With Distilled Water

The number one reason a Shark steam mop will stop producing steam is because the water tank is empty. Shark steam mops must ONLY be filled with distilled water. Regular tap water contains minerals and deposits that can clog up the internal tubes and heating element.

  • Fill the water tank all the way to the maximum fill line with distilled water
  • Firmly click the tank into the base, ensuring it is fully secured
  • Check to see if you can see water sloshing around in the tank window
  • If empty, remove the tank and fill it with distilled water

Once filled with distilled water, the mop should start producing steam again within 30 seconds of powering on. Always use distilled water and avoid tap water in a Shark steam mop.

2. Descale to Remove Mineral Buildup

Even when using distilled water, regular descaling is recommended to prevent mineral deposits inside the boiler and steam vents. Descaling helps dissolve any scaling and clear clogged tubes.

  • Mix equal parts distilled white vinegar and distilled water
  • Follow the instructions to run this descaling solution through the mop
  • Let the descaling solution sit for 5–10 minutes before rinsing
  • Rinse thoroughly with distilled water only to wash out the vinegar
  • Repeat descaling every 3–6 months for optimal performance

Descale your steam mop regularly to ensure minerals from tap water don't build up and obstruct steam production.

3. Unclog Debris from Vents and Tubes

Dust, dirt, lint, and other debris can easily clog the small steam vents and tubes. This prevents steam from exiting the mop head.

  • Carefully use included tools to clean out steam vents and nozzles
  • Try blowing compressed air into the tubes to dislodge stuck debris
  • Inspect pads and remove lint or fabric caught in the mop head
  • Avoid scratching delicate interior parts when unclogging

Periodically inspect and clean the mop head and attachments to ensure no obstructions are blocking the steam release.

4. Check the Swivel Cord Connection

If the swivel power cord becomes loose or disconnected, power can be interrupted, causing the steam mop to stop producing steam.

  • Unplug the mop completely from the electrical outlet
  • Examine the swivel cord for any damage or frayed wires
  • Firmly plug the cord back into the wall outlet all the way
  • Twist the cord into the locked position until it clicks
  • Contact Shark if the swivel cord needs replacing.

Ensure the swivel cord is securely plugged in and supplying consistent electrical power to the mop.

5. Reset and Realign the Mop Head

Sometimes the mop head just needs to be realigned and reconnected to the electrical terminals in the base. This completes the power circuit to produce steam.

  • Lift the mop head straight up and away from the base
  • Check for any obstructions or clogs under the mop head
  • Realign the triangle marks on the mop head and base
  • Click the mop head securely back into the base

Lifting and resetting the mop head can help it make a proper connection to produce steam.

6. Let the Mop Fully Heat Up

Don't expect steam right away when turning on a cold steam mop! The boiler and heating element require 20–30 seconds to reach optimal steaming temperature.

  • Power on the mop and wait for the light to indicate it is ready
  • Give it time to fully heat up before mopping
  • Check for steam production before cleaning floors
  • Allow proper warm-up time at the start of each use

Have patience and let the mop fully heat up to operating temperature before cleaning. This allows steam to be generated.

7. Replace worn-out mop pads.

The reusable microfiber pads attach to the mop head to absorb dirt while cleaning. But over time, these pads can wear out or get clogged. Worn or dirty pads can obstruct steam flow from the mop head.

  • Use only official Shark washable microfiber pads
  • Inspect pads for damage before each use
  • Replace pads every 3–6 months, depending on the use
  • Soak, wash, and air-dry pads after use
  • Swap fresh pads if the current ones look dirty

Keep a spare set of Shark pads on hand to quickly replace worn-out pads obstructing steam flow.

8. Update Software and Firmware

Shark periodically releases software updates for their connected steam mops. Updating firmware can fix bugs and improve steam functionality.

  • Download the SharkClean app (Android or Apple) for your model steam mop
  • Connect the mop and check for any available updates
  • Follow app instructions to install new firmware
  • Troubleshoot issues after updating

Updating to the latest firmware and software can resolve many steam production problems.

9. Contact Shark Customer Service

If you've tried all the other troubleshooting tips and your Shark steam mop still won't produce steam, it's time to call in the experts. For the US market, customer service is available at 1-877-581-7375 to assist with product support and warranty service options.

  • Locate your mop's model number and serial number
  • Call Shark customer service or start an online ticket
  • Explain the issue in detail to the representative
  • Cooperate with any diagnostics and try suggested fixes
  • Ask about warranty replacement if it is not repairable

Shark customer service has the specialized knowledge to diagnose and resolve stubborn steam mop issues.

Get Your Shark Steam Mop Functioning Again

While a lack of steam can be annoying, most common issues can be fixed with simple troubleshooting steps. By double-checking the basics, descaling regularly, clearing obstructions, and contacting customer service, you can get your Shark Steam Mop producing hot steam again quickly.

With the right maintenance and care, a Shark Steam Mop will keep those floors shining and sanitized for years! Just be sure to use only distilled water and descale every 3–6 months. Catching problems early keeps small issues from turning into bigger headaches. If you have any further questions, please comment below or you can shoot us a message!

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